Since our inception in 2013, Favor Minded has been committed to saving lives. One direct and effective way we accomplish that is by being the expert in occupational first aid, CPR and  AED training.


About 35% of emergency situations could be avoided if individuals were equipped  with at least the basic first aid and CPR training. With workplace emergencies and incidents on on the rise, it is imperative that employees be trained, certified and know how to fully respond in a life-threatening situation.


Favor Minded provides first aid and CPR certification for healthcare workers, professional rescuers,and employees from any organization, regardless of size.  We offer certification to all.  No company is too small.  Our first aid and CPR training is OSHA compliant.


Favor Minded can supply all of your first aid, CPR and  AED training in the most effective way for your organization. We can equip one employee to pass on training to the rest of the organization, or we can do group sessions.


A workplace first-aid program is part of a comprehensive safety and health management system that includes the following four essential elements:


  •      Management Leadership and Employee Involvement
  •      Work-site Analysis
  •      Hazard Prevention and Control
  •      Safety and Health Training


Our goal is to equip your team with the basic elements for a first-aid program at the workplace.

Those elements include:


  •    Identifying and assessing the workplace risks that have potential to cause worker injury or illness.
  •    Designing and implement a workplace  program that aims to minimize the outcome of accident exposures
  •    Complies with OSHA requirements relating to first aid Including sufficient quantities of appropriate and readily
  •    Accessible first-aid supplies and first-aid equipment such as bandages and automated external defibrillator.
  •   Assigns and trains first-aid providers who receive first-aid training suitable to the specific workplace, and receives periodic refresher courses on first-aid skills and knowledge.



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